Why is it good to plant an uncracked raw egg in your flowerpots?

It breaks your heart to see your plants struggling to survive? Here is a wonderful gardening tip to enrich soil and sustain your plants (especially vegetables) health!

First, fill the pot with potting soil (about 2 inches).

Then, place one raw egg (it has to be uncracked) in the pot and cover with soil. As it decomposes, the egg will serve as a natural fertilizer for your plants, especially garden vegetables.


Using a sharp object, create small (1 inch deep) holes in the surface. In each of those holes, put a couple of the seeds you’d like to grow, then cover them with potting soil.

put seeds in holes and cover with potting soil

After that is done, make sure to keep the soil moist to the touch (avoid excess water).

Bonus Tip: If the soil is dry, water it directly, rather than the leaves. Wet leaves are a fertile ground (no pun intended) for plant diseases.

From now on, all you need to do is add fertilizer to the plants, on a regular basis (every 2 to 3 weeks) and watch your crops grow and flourish for months, thanks to raw egg nutrients.