The Secret to Restoring Towels’ Softness and Absorbency

Over time, towels become rough and lose their absorbency. When that used to happen with me, I’d run to the store to get a new set, but then mom shared this tip, I tried it, and it worked like a charm. My towels did actually start to feel new. So, here’s the easy thing to do in order to give your towels that fresh look while also keeping their absorbency:

Simply wash them twice running hot wash cycle without using any detergent or softener. In the first cycle, replace the detergent with 250 ml (8,45 oz) of white vinegar. In the second, use 150 g (5 fl oz) baking soda, instead.

White vinegar removes detergent and mineral residues stuck to towel fibers. Baking soda dissolves greasy residues and neutralizes odors.

And that’s it! Your soft and odor and residue-free towels are now ready for use.