No Cost Decorating Ideas for Students

1- Faux Frames

Instead of buying frames, print your photos and tape them directly to the wall. Then frame them with washi tape, pom poms, cardboard geometric shapes, etc.
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2- Cereal Box Drawer Dividers

Messy drawers can be very frustrating. Turn yours into a tidier, great-looking drawer using a few boxes of cereal wrapped in decorative cardstock.
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3- Corner Catch-all Shelf

Hang a magazine holder in a corner and you’ll get a corner shelf.
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4- Desk shelves

You don’t need to be a handyman or a handywoman to make these desk shelves.
— Source : Boites en cartons transformées en étagères de bureau

5- Confetti Wall

It doesn’t get easier than this DIY. Cut colored pieces of paper into circles and glue them to the wall using poster tacks.
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6- Wall Art

Cheer up your empty wall with toilet paper rolls.
— Source : Décoration murale avec des rouleaux de papier toilette

7- Plants

Coin de verdure

A few flowerpots will immediately bring life to your little home. Plants are also a great addition to any dorm room.
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8- Dish Rack Folder Holder

You don’t wash dishes? Use the dish rack to store your files. Bonus point: it even provides you with an extra pen/pencil storage!
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9- Trompe l’oeil Headboard

You wouldn’t guess it, but this headboard is made of cardboard.
— Source : Fabriquer une tête de lit avec un carton

10- Eternal Flowers

Bring some colour into your room with these big pom pom flowers.
— Source : Fleurs en papier