How to Make Your Own Cup Garden

mini garden in a cup

We don’t all have a green thumb. Some people find gardening much easier than others. That doesn’t mean we should give up! Even if you don’t have a way with plants, you can have a small garden that requires very little maintenance! 

Our pick today is a fairy garden that is so small it fits in a cup, an easy DIY that will help you add a splash of spring to your home.

For this, you will need:

– An old cup and saucer.

– Small rocks and soil

– Cactus and succulents

– Wall moss and plants

– Wooden crafts sticks

– Glue

– Cutting pliers

– Ruler and pencil

– Mosaic stones

– A paper rectangle

Step 1:

prepare the cup

Choosing the cup shouldn’t be difficult. Feel free to go for any style you like.  You can aim for a vintage style by using an old decorative cup, if you prefer. That is guaranteed to add a magic look to your small garden!

Start by preparing the cup. As we’re going to put small plants in it, we’ll have to take drainage into account. This can be done in two ways: either by drilling a hole at the bottom of the cup or by putting small rocks or pebbles to help you with this task.

For this DIY, we chose the second. To start, put the small rocks at the bottom of the cup (about one third). Then, fill the rest with soil and potting, leaving one centimeter below the edge of the cup.  

Step 2:

cut the sticks with cutting pliers and glue them

Now, put aside the cup you’ve prepared and start working on the small wooden decorations. The size of your decorations will depend on the size of the cup you’ve chosen to use.


Measure the height of the cup and add 2 centimeters. With these measurements in mind, cut 2 wooden sticks of the size you calculated. Then, separately, cut several small pieces to make the rungs. Finally, stick everything together to create a small ladder for your garden.   


Prepare your bench. To do this, you’ll need to cut 4 sticks of the same size and glue them on a paper rectangle. Now that the seat is ready, glue the 4 small sticks of the same height (the legs).

Finally, for the back, you’ll just have to cut 4 sticks of the same size, align them vertically and glue a stick of the same length as the seat horizontally on the top. Once the back is complete, assemble the bench with glue and leave to dry.


The fence is very easy to make. Just cut 4 sticks of the same size while keeping an additional 2 cm at the required height. Place the sticks vertically while leaving an equal space between them. Glue another stick of the same size above them horizontally and allow to dry.

You can give free rein to your creativity and make several other decorations for your miniature garden.

Step 3

Assembly of the miniature garde

The time for assembly has come! Align all the accessories you’ve just created and those you had already prepared for your miniature garden.

Start by placing the plants you chose in your cup. In the picture, you can see that low-maintenance plants have been used (cactus and succulents). You can also place some green moss to make a small lawn for the garden. Add some wall moss.

Place your wooden decorations (fence, bench and ladder) and a few pebbles in the garden as well as on the saucer to dress-up the cup. Use the wall ferns to decorate the ladder and give it a “climbing plant” effect.

Add your personal touch with a few shells or miniature decorations that match the style or effect you have in mind. Of course, they need to be proportional to the size of the cup.

The good thing with this DIY is that the end product will be unique because you’ll create your mini garden with what you have and with a cup that belongs to you. So feel free to recreate this miniature garden and share it with us.