24 Innovative Ideas to Reuse Objects that You Thought Fit For The Bin

1- 1 broken table = 2 consoles

Saw your old table in two and you’ll get not one, but two consoles. A coat of paint, and off it goes!
Source : migonishome.com

2- CD Curtain

All those CDs you don’t use anymore can now be put to (better) use.
Source : decoracion2.com

3- Fairy Gardens

A broken flower pot can be turned into an enchanting fairy garden. Add a small house, some furniture, and Bob’s your uncle!
Source : Mini jardin de fées avec un pot de fleur cassé

4- Candle Holders with Broken Stemware

See those beautiful candle holders ? Well, they’re just broken stemware.
Source : wikihow.com

5- Terra Cotta Markers

Use cracked terra cotta planters to nicely display herb names in your garden. Use a permanent weather-resistant marker to write the names.
Source : hardlyhousewives.com

6- Bead Magnet

You’ve got a broken piece of jewellery that is so pretty you couldn’t bring yourself to throw it away? Well, good thing you didn’t. Now, you just have to glue a small magnet to the bead’s back and that’s all there is to it. You have a new magnet for your fridge. Fancy, right?
Source : livelovediy.com

7- Cake Stand

This wonderful cake stand was an old abandoned chandelier lying in the attic. Tutorial: Transformer un vieux lustre en présentoir à gâteaux

8- Globe Bowl

A plastic globe is usually made of two halves that have been put together. All you have to do is pull them apart and glue one of them to an ashtray. If the seams are not even, cover them with a washi tape.

Source : ciburbanity.com

9- Bicycle Planter

Turn a vintage rusty bike into a unique planter to decorate the garden.

10- Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed

This may be the one thing cats and dogs would ever agree on. They absolutely love it!

Source : chaoticallycreative.com

11- Repurposed Shirt Pillow Cover 

It would be a waste to turn your old shirts into kitchen towels when they could make pretty cushion covers. Bonus point: their buttons are already sewn on.
Tutorial : Transformer des chemises en housses de coussins déco

12- Chair Planters

The seats of these old chairs have been replaced by chicken wire and a special coco liner for planters.

Source : wonderwomancreations.blogspot.com

13- China Mosaic

Broken china will make a very beautiful mosaic, over a kitchen countertops, on the walls, on a garden path…
Source : houzz.com

14- Swing Chair

Turn a chair with broken legs into a swing.
Source : husohem.se

15- Repurposed Lamp

To turn your lamp into a plant stand, remove the hardware inside the lamp, turn the lampshade upside down and put a pretty little houseplant. Now, you can brag about your piece of art!

Source : apartmenttherapy.com

16- Sweater Bag

Guess what can look better than your sweater? It’s your sweater bag!
Source : lemonsqueezyhome.com

17- Portable Storage for DIY Enthusiasts

When you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can never have enough storage space for your small hardware items. You don’t need to spend your money on buying storage totes. These plastic containers will do just fine.

Source : familyhandyman.com

18- Christmas Lamps

Glue some glitter on burnt-out lamps. Now, all you need to do next is hang them on with a ribbon, and you have your ornamental Christmas lights!

Source : annamariahorner.blogspot.com

19- Silverware Artwork

You have mismatched cutlery? Turn them into a piece of art with spray paint and a matching frame. You can make as many as you want.
Source : spunkyjunky.blogspot.com

20- Bottle Bowling

Plastic bottles will bring the bowling game experience into your home. Painted with acrylic paint, they’re even prettier. Now, grab your ball!

Source : u-createcrafts.com

21- Bottle Boat

Two empty plastic water bottles, a square piece of cardboard, a pair of chopsticks and a colorful duct tape have been used to make this toy.
Source : nalleshouse.com

22- Cereal Box Organizers

This beautiful magazine holder is made with cereal boxes covered with washi tape.
Source : onegoodthingbyjillee.com

23- Refashioned Outfit

That oversized shirt and those shapeless jeans have been offered a new life in fashion. How? With imagination, a few snips in the right spots and just a little sewing.
Source : refashionco-op.blogspot.com

24- Mirrored Tray Decor

Add the pieces of a broken mirror to a tray and it will turn into a nice wall decor.
Source : dimplicity.com