18 Creative Pallet Projects for Kids

1. Pallet Kitchen

mud pallet kitchen for kids

2. Playground with Climbing Rocks

Playground and climbing rocks with pallets
Source: schoolplaygrounddesigners.co.uk

3. Foldable Sand Pit

Foldable Sand Pit / Table with pallets
Source: http://ivan-kruglov.livejournal.com

4. Toy Box

Pallet toy box for kids
Source: interiorizm.com

5. Kid’s Table and Chair Set With Storage

Kid's Pallet Table and Chair Set With Storage
Source: hertoolbelt.com

6. Pallet Swing

Pallet swing for kids

7. Pallet Cradle

Half-moon pallet cradle for baby

8. Tow Truck Chair

Tow Truck Chair

9. A Tent

Tent for kids with pallets

10. Hammock Table

Table hammock with pallets for kids
Source: littlebitfunky.com

11. Baby/Safety Gate

Source: littlelucylu.com

12. A Play Fort

Pallet Play Fort for kids
Source: imgur.com

13. Water Wall

Source : playingbythebook.net

14. Fold-up Pallet Desk

Source : thistlewoodfarms.com

15. A Garden Bench

A garden bench for kids

Source : thecraftingchicks.com

16. Bike Ramps

DIY Bike Ramps Pallet

Source : swiftlymorgan.blogspot.co.uk

17. Pallet Teepee

Pallet Teepee Playground

Source : 1001pallets.com

18. Une décoration murale en bois de palettes

Une décoration murale en bois de palettes

Source : haba-fabrics.blogspot.nl

19. Outdoor Double Chaise Lounge

Double Chaise Lounge for Kids