16 Shelf Creations with Unusual Objects

1- Skateboard Shelf

Your kids love skateboarding? They would adore these authentic shelves that would make their friends green with envy. Tutorial: Transformer une planche de skateboard en étagère suspendue

2- A trunk turned into a bookshelf


Beautiful and authentic, this vintage trunk can be hanging from the wall or mounted on feet.

3- Piano shelf


Pianos are so elegant and mysterious. The piano you can’t fix can offer your books the perfect home.

4- Basket shelves


These hanging rectangular baskets will both allow you to store your towels and grab them easily. Besides being pretty, they’re quite the space saver.

5- A corner door shelving


Being both handy and ornamental, these shelves are unique and help you make an optimal use of your space.

6- Old chair shelf


The back of an old chair can make a nice vintage shelf. You can even use it to hang your towels.

7- Guitar Shelf


Offer your broken guitar a new life and turn it into an elegant shelf, allowing it to serve yet another art.

8- Shelf Made From an Old Pair of Crutches


You have an old pair of crutches that you don’t (hopefully) need anymore? Turn them into a beautiful shelf in the entry hall.

9- A giant shelf unit made of a ladder and an old bench


A shelf for those handymen (or women) who’d like to add a fancy look to their garage while making more space for their tools. Would also look nice in a terrace with flower pots decorating it.

10- Crate Shelves


A recycling classic. Cheap, practical, stackable, and can be placed directly on the floor.

11- Pallet Shelf


Pallets, the supreme recycling product, can be turned into shelves in the blink of an eye. More on how to put pallets to other creative uses can be found here: https://www.simplewithstyle.com/en24-great-things-you-can-make-with-pallets/

12- Shelves Made Out of Old Drawers


Easily unearthed in thrift stores, old drawers make very beautiful shelves, especially with a coat of paint and wallpaper.

13- Shutter Bookshelf


Sides made with shutters, shelves with wood pallets, it’s simply clever!

14- Repurposed Refrigerator Shelving


This haberdashery looks like it came straight out of the 50s. How cool is that?

15- Concrete Shelves


Want to add a shelf to a piece of furniture and make more space? Place a plank on two cinder blocks after you’ve painted them in a color of your choice.

16- Cardboard Shelving


No one can tell but these stunning cubes are actually cardboard boxes.